EV15 OEM 1D Imager

The EV15 scan engine is the decoded version of our popular EV10 engine. Based on a patented bi-linear CMOS sensor using state-of-the-art Active Pixel Sensor (APS) technology, the EV15 scan engine is an ideal blend of size and power. It’s perfect for your OEM applications in space-constrained portable and fixed devices.

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APS Technology for Rapid Scanning

Features a bi-linear CMOS sensor with APS technology for rapid scanning – up to 500 scans per second.

Highly Visible Aimer

Unique, 617 nm illumination system improves usability and throughput. Its safe, bright and sharp aiming line is easy to see, even in brightly lit or backlit conditions.

Very Compact, Extremely Durable

Despite its small size, the EV15 scan engine is extremely durable. It’s perfect for integration into your rugged devices.


Field-upgradable via flash memory as a provision for future requirements



照明 LED 617nm Highly Visible LED
動作範囲 ●カタログをご確認ください。
Min X Dimension 0.1 mm (4 mils)
Reading Distance up to 90 cm (35 in)
最小シンボルコントラスト 25%
視野角 40°
インターフェース Decoded Mode: RS232 TTL with Intermec Scanner Control Protocol (ISCP)
Undecoded Mode: industry standard DBP output


(高さ x 幅 x 奥行き)
11.4 x 20.6 x 22.5 mm
重量 12g
電源 3.1 to 3.6V
消費電流(3.3V) 110mA (待機時 1μA以下)


動作温度 -30℃~50℃
保管温度 -40℃~70℃
湿度 5%~95%(結露なきこと)
振動 50G r.m.s.
衝撃 2000G, 0.7ms, half sinus, 3 axes
周囲照明 0~100,000 lux(太陽光下)



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