Optical Character Recognition Technology

Solomon OCR

Solomon OCR enables text recognition for Honeywell barcode scanner,Handy Terminal and PDA.
You can add text recognition to your scanner easily. We have many customers in Various markets, Environments, Field Service,
Government ,Healthcare ,Manufacturing ,Retail ,office and Transportation & Logistics in the world.

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Solomon OCR can read various fonts.

Solomon OCR can not only read OCR-fonts, but also read various fonts.For example Arial, Helvetica, Gotham ,Gothic and so on. 

Case Study :Warehouse and Logistics

You can read a number that is like expiration date and lot number printed on cardboard.Solomon OCR can save shipping error.

Case Study :Manufacturing

Suppose you wanted to Enter a work number to your workflow system. You don’t need to put a manufactured goods to typing. Solomon OCR allows you to save a lot of time.

Case Study :In Office

Suppose you wanted to digitize something administration numbers. You could spend hours retyping and then correcting misprints. Or you could convert all the required materials into digital format in a moment using a Barcode scanner with Solomon OCR.

Case Study :Pharmacy

Especially You have to care about expiration date in medical market. If you give your customer a expired medicine, It’s not enough to convey apologies.You can use Solomon OCR even in that situation.

New OCR Functionality

We are please to inform you that New Solomon OCR Functionality.The name is “Solomon OCR -User Font Teaching”.
Before We register a font that you want to scan, New Solomon OCR can read special font(designed font) and Logo.It wasn’t used to be able to scan before.

Solomon OCR can be installed various product of Honeywell

Solomon OCR can be installed various product of Honeywell that has Area-imaging Engine(2D imager / CMOS).

You can use our Solomon OCR for test.Please contact us, If you want.


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